IRLP Node 1483 On The Move

FARS’ IRLP Node 1483 is in the process of being moved to its new home at the VA6CTV repeater site.

Along with the move comes a new frequency assignment and an improved coverage area.

It is presently off the air – stay tuned to this page for updates.

VE6FIL Repeater Upgraded

FARS’ UHF repeater VE6FIL has been upgraded with new hardware, and now includes the Wires-X capability locally. 

The repeater remains in C4FM (Fusion) mode exclusively. 
Users are able to connect the repeater to various rooms and other Wires-X nodes using the Wires-X key on their radios. These connections time out after 1 hour if there is no local RF traffic.

FARS wishes to thank Greg and the team at GPS Central for the donation of the Wires-X HRI-200 interface that made this part of the project possible. We want to further acknowledge Steven, VA6DWF, who has provided Wires-X connectivity on this repeater in the past.

Winter Field Day 2021 update

Hi All,
A quick note of appreciation to those of you that participated and dropped into our Zoom call (which kept those of us that were contesting spurred along nicely thank you) over the past couple of days.

We had participants and visitors from Ontario, Alberta, Texas, California, North Carolina, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. One intrepid Ontarian bundled up and worked off his back deck with his KX3 in the -8C and 70% humidity weather (brrrrr) while the other had firmware issues 🙁 with his KX3 and then discovered a bad PL259. One Californian tested out his IC-705. Our friend from North Carolina was hooting and hollering at his large run of over 100 QSOs in under an hour on 40m voice last evening. The Texan had fun with a quick run in CQ. The four Okotokians were hampered by very challenging conditions with customary high noise conditions, and we all dealt with low SFI and A indicators and, sadly, no sunspots throughout the contest.

We worked a whole lot of single-operator at home (1 Hotel) class stations and, for me, a surprising number of Outdoor stations in cold climates. While you almost expect to hear of the guy in Texas or Arizona on their deck in January, you don’t usually expect it in Ontario or Minnesota!

Fun was had by all, even if we did let out the occasional bad word in frustration during a momentary challenge placed in front of us. Like the guy in RI who was only working stations by the number “any number twos? ok now number three…” as if he were rare DX, hmph, half an hour later he was working sixes. [I’m over it already – and I got my RI multiplier elsewhere!]

We are all eager to see the final score total when results are released. For those of you who have completed your logging and already told us you’ve submitted to the group – thank you. If you have not yet submitted your log, please do not forget to enter the Club Name exactly as VE6FAR Cycle25 in your logging software, and to verify it is there before you submit it.

New: FARS Winlink UHF Node

FARS now has a Winlink node in High River, co-located with the VA6HRH repeater.

This relay node interfaces with the Winlink CMS nodes on the Internet using the AREDN mesh network, relaying your messages originating over RF to the Winlink servers.

Node ID : VE6OKT-10
Freq: 431.000 MHz
Baud: 1200
Protocol: Connect via Packet Winlink

The radio and TNC part of the system is battery powered, and the server is powered by a monitored UPS.

Media Invite for Field Day June 27-28

Save the date – June 27 and 28.

On behalf of the Foothills Amateur Radio Society in Okotoks Alberta, I would like to invite you to meet with the Amateur Radio Operators of your community. The event is the ARRL Field Day for Licensed Radio Amateurs. Throughout North America, ham radio operators will be setting up radio stations in unusual locations and making contact with others as a display and test of their emergency communications capabilities.  It is a 24 hour exercise to test emergency readiness and provide a showcase to members of the public.

Given pandemic protocols, social distancing and a myriad of other precautions, instead of an in-person group event at a central location, this year the event is being held both remotely and virtually, between noon on Saturday until noon on Sunday. Dignitaries, Media and Guests may visit our operating locations via teleconference calls at a time that is convenient for them. Please ask for the teleconference links and advise your schedule when you reply to this note so that we may give you our undivided attention during your visit.

Ham radio remains relevant even among all of the “modern” communication conveniences we enjoy today. In 2013 we were called upon by the Alberta Government and were at the heart of communications during the first 72 hours of the Southern Alberta Floods as all conventional communications infrastructure had failed.  55 Ham Radio operators worked around the clock keeping the Town of High River connected to the outside world.  We were setting up for Field Day 2013 when the floods hit.  We practice at Field Day to prepare such events.  That story can be seen here  Like most communities, ours does not expect a major emergency and losing communications can quickly turn an emergency into a real disaster.

I hope this email meets with your approval and look forward to your virtual visit at our event.  It should be fun and is also a validation to the many Amateur Radio volunteers who have spent time providing emergency communications, public service work and other benefits throughout our community and region.

If you need more information or would like to confirm your visit please contact me so that we ensure we welcome you and spend time during your visit to answer your inquiries.  Please feel free to cascade this to other members of your team.  I sincerely hope that you can find a bit of time in your calendar to join us.

Yours truly,

Vince d’Eon

Secretary, Foothills Amateur Radio Society

Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Alberta Amateur Radio Emergency Service

VA6CTV is not feeling well

The VA6CTV repeater in Calgary is not feeling well. It started feeling this way on June 14th. The characteristics of its illness are that the receiver is hard of hearing and the transmitter seems to be running with reduced output.

Due to pandemic protocols at the site it may take some time for repairs to be effected. 

Please view our entire repeater network and pick an alternate repeater. The next closest to Calgary is VE6HRA.

June 24 update: a receiver fault is the current suspect. A plan is in place for replacement, but will take a number of days to implement. Stay tuned…

Meeting location change starting in March 2020

Please note that due to enactment of Pandemic protocols at the Okotoks Firehall, FARS has relocated their meeting to the Okotoks Public Library an online format via Zoom on the same dates and times as usual. This change is in place until further notice.

Members receive a monthly email with the invitation. Guests are always welcome and may request an invitation by emailing the Secretary.