Field Day 2017

Field Day 2017 was a great success thanks to the Field Day committee, Dann (VE6TD), Ian (VA6IAB) & Stephen (VE6ORM) for their hard work preparing the equipment, antennas and organizing the site.

Not forgetting Vince (VE6LK), Ruth (VE6RLW) & Debbie Willumsen for their help with administration, advertising and catering.

We even made the local news!

OWW Regional July 12 coverage

For those of you that came along thank you for your support.



ARRL Field Day is June 24th to June 25th at the  HERITAGE POINT FIRE HALL.

Located on Dunbow road between Macleod Trail and Deerfoot Trail, the site is on about 20 acres so there is plenty of room for antennas and stations.

Here is the preliminary site plan :

We’ll be operating up to 7 stations, so there are lots of opportunities for operators new and old to have fun on the air and get many contacts into the log.
We have antennas for 6, 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters.

This is a great event to practice and demonstrate emergency preparedness, make radio contacts, and socialize with other radio amateurs.

Come out, enjoy coffee, burgers, dinner… Oh yeah, and some RF 🙂

Dann, VE6TD, will be heading up the station in DeWinton.

Want to be involved?

Send us an email