Field Day 2014


All photos courtesy Graham Norman VE6GRN

Field Day 2014 was held at the home of VE6LK. The power source was 1200Ah of batteries on the RV parked in the backyard and fed through a 2500W inverter. Power cords were brought into the basement window and to the 3 operating positions. Power status was monitored via a wireless webcam so that we knew when to run the generator and top up the batteries. Computers were networked via Broadband-Hamnet MESH and with connectivity to conventional WiFi. ALL equipment was run on emergency power including lighting (there were no overhead lights) therefore we were truly on 100% emergency power for the duration of the event.

Participants were Malen Vidler VE6VID, Ian Willumsen VA6IAB, Andrew McMillan SWL, Lee Schneider VE6ROW, Wally Gardiner VE6BGL, Graham Norman VE6GRN, Stan Clark VE6SEC, Dann St-Pierre VE6TD, Vince d’Eon VE6LK, Benjamin Schideler VA6KAZ.


Dann hard at work assembling the beam antenna


The team anchoring the tower in place


Ian working on 40m phone


Vince on 20m PSK


Dann showing Lee the US Bandplan and how it differs from the Canadian Bandplan


One of the transceivers on 40m


Running Ham Radio Deluxe for PSK-31