Field Day 2022 June 25-26

It’s Field Day time again, where amateur radio operators get to showcase and practice their emergency communication by setting up and operating a radio station under impromptu or unusual conditions.

Once again, local pandemic conditions have restricted access to our usual preferred site, so we are adapting by once again setting up a hybrid operation.

The club station VE6FAR will be on air as a 5E station on emergency power, operated by Vince VE6LK and Dann VE6TD, along with some guest operators.

Operators that wish to join in the live action can attend on site and operate out of the Okotoks Composite High School parking lot on Woodhaven Drive. A logging computer and wireless access can be provided. Contact Vince or Dann for details.

A Zoom video conference call will be set up and open starting at 11:30 MDT for those wishing to join.

[call has ended]

When joining, please be sure to set your name and call sign in your Zoom client.

Feel free to drop in and encourage the operating team at any time during the 24 hour event.
Into the late hours Saturday, you may find the team has signed off for the night. If so, come back to the Zoom session Sunday morning some time.