FARS/Cycle25 Winter Field Day 2022

Winter Field Day is January 29th and 30th, running noon Saturday to noon Sunday, Mountain Standard Time.

FARS will be taking part under similar Covid restrictions as last year, and your support is needed.

We will be doing an all virtual event, including the VE6FAR station spanning and operated by the VE6LK and VE6TD stations. This includes combined, network-based logging.

We will have a Zoom conference call open during the entire event for anyone to drop in and visit. Winter Field Day is, after all, a very fun and social event.
The Zoom meeting is on the air. Kindly ensure you set your name with your call sign when joining the call so we recognize you and admit you.
Meeting ID: 862 0611 1266
the password wfd22@FARS

We have prepared an operating and logging guide for our participants. It describes the very important submission process and details of the participants’ logs, and how to make sure your entry and your score is counted toward the overall VE6FAR Cycle25 club score.
Last year we had 9 team members amassing a combined 14,754 points. Our aim this year is to blow past that total in the first few hours of the event.

There have been some changes to the WFD rules this year, most notably imposing a maximum output power of 100W for all stations. And FT-8 is still not permitted. Logs are due March 1.

Additional points are available for anyone operating QRP.

For more information about Winter Field Day rules take a look at the official website www.winterfieldday.com