Pre-Field Day Work Session – June 17

Team, we will have a work session on Sunday June 17 to assemble feed line (install connectors, label, etc) as well as configure and test the logging computers and network, and other exciting activities.

We need those folks that have offered coax cables to come and help, including delivering their coax. FARS is providing the necessary connectors.

Email to express your availability. We’ll select the location and time based on general availability of volunteers.


Field Day is just around the corner

It won’t be long now, Field Day is coming – June 23 and 24 at the Okotoks Fire Station #1

We’ve sent a few emails looking for volunteers and various hardware.
We now have enough feed line for the antennas. We have radios and antennas, computers for logging.

We are still looking for volunteers to set up the stations, put up the antennas, run feed lines, and we really want you to come and be an on air operator.

We want a Safety Officer to ensure everyone’s safety while setting up and during the entire event.

There are lots of opportunities to get on the air. Don’t be shy.
Are you a new operator ? We’ll have lots coaches to help you ‘break the ice’. This is a great learning opportunity…

We will have a working session the weekend of June 16-17 to prepare and test a number of technologies and assemble cables and such. A number of coax cables being provided do not have connectors on them. We have the coax and supplies, we now need to assemble the ends. Can you help for a few hours ? Let the Committee know…

Contact the Field Day Committee by email to express interest, offer your time, and so on at fieldday at FARS dot ca

See for more details.

Next FARS Meeting – June 2018

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday June 19 2016 at 1930h.  We will discuss Field Day 2018 plans and will offer a basic radio checkup workshop.  For the workshop, bring along your handheld radio if you wish to have it tested and its performance analyzed.